Livestream Analytics: Diving Deeper into your Event Data

We know it is important for you to understand the metrics that define success for your broadcast. Our customers rely on key performance indicators (KPIs) for viewership including concurrent viewers, viewing duration, audience geography, and more. We are thrilled to announce the release of Livestream Analytics, giving you the tools you need to dive deeper into your event data. Analytics is battle tested, as we’ve been in beta since March 2015, and this first release will serve as the foundation for future enhancements. 

Analytics is now available to all our Premium and Enterprise customers. Here is a quick peek at some of the robust features of Livestream Analytics.

The Dashboard

When you first load your Analytics dashboard, you are presented with metrics for all your account’s events. The dashboard provides filters to select the high-level analytics you want to see, such as events or geographies. You can also apply multiple filters to discover the intersection of different views. For example, you can quickly see how event ABC performed in Canada. You can even drill down and check stats for specific URLs. And in response to frequent requests, you can download data or print out dashboard reports straight from the tool.


Available filters in Analytics dashboard



1. Views Summary: Quickly check the summary of total views, total duration and peak concurrent viewers on the left hand side of the dashboard.

2. Timelines: Follow two timelines, views – total views of  your content in a specific period of time – and concurrent viewers – how many people were simultaneously viewing the content during a specific period of time. 

3. Distribution: Views and watched duration can be analyzed by devices, locations, content, media type, and more.


Impressions Converting to Views

The Livestream Analytics platform captures impressions for each video whether it's viewed or not. You can check the conversion of who actually viewed your content by applying the 'exclude load' filter from the top filter bar. 

Analytics on Account Upgrade

The Analytics dashboard is only visible to Premium and Enterprise customers. Once you upgrade your account to any of these plans, the analytics for your previous events will be unlocked and available to you. For more details, learn how you can use Analytics or dive straight into your metrics now.

Introducing Our New CEO

Mark, Phil, Max, Daya, and Jesse enjoying the view from Bushwick

Mark, Phil, Max, Daya, and Jesse enjoying the view from Bushwick

From Max 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jesse Hertzberg as Livestream’s new CEO. 

Over the past seven years we have built the world’s leading live video streaming company, developing industry changing hardware and software products that empower people and businesses to connect with their customers in a deeply personal way. Along the way, our team grew from four founders here in New York City to 160 Livestreamers on three continents. 

Our time is now. Worldwide consumers and global technology infrastructure have never been more ready for our vision of a world where every event can be experienced live, regardless of where the audience is located. It is the perfect time for Livestream to engage the next gear in pursuit of the realization of our vision. 

To enable this acceleration I recruited Jesse to succeed me as CEO with the full support of our co-founders and the Livestream board of directors. Most recently, Jesse ran operations at Squarespace and Etsy – two of the most admired technology companies here in New York City – where he was instrumental in helping them achieve scale. 

As for me, I’m excited to focus my energy on my new role as SVP & GM, Video Products. Going forward, I will be responsible for all of our video production offerings. I will also continue to serve as Chairman of the board.

Today we begin an exciting new chapter in Livestream’s story. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey so far and helped make Livestream possible, including our investors, co-founders, team members, partners, mentors, and, most importantly, customers. Please join me in welcoming Jesse to our team!

From Jesse

I was recently on vacation with my family and found myself utterly relaxed yet constantly thinking about Livestream. The team members, R&D pipeline, customer list, and market opportunity were invariably on my mind. It became self-evident on that trip that it was time for me to accept Max’s challenge.

I’ve lived through my fair share of startup transitions and am reminded of what Fred Wilson once wrote: “The best transitions are not forced by anyone. They are driven by the founders.” It’s a true testament to Livestream’s founding team that in order to achieve their dreams for the company, they recognize it is necessary to continuously focus people and teams on their strengths. Livestream was built thanks to the tireless efforts of our remarkable team members. Together, we will be able to move the company forward faster than ever before, with the comfort of knowing that each of us cares about every single detail that goes into building world-class products and industry-leading organizations.

Max and I have been planning this transition for a while now, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started. I thank everyone at Livestream for inviting me to join them on this journey.