Max Haot

Mevo — The First Camera for Facebook Live

The [M]ulti-camera [EVO]lution has arrived. Mevo puts the power and tools of a multi-camera production studio in the palm of your hand, at a fraction of the cost of traditional setups.



This morning at F8, the Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook announced that Mevo is the first camera to stream directly on Facebook Live. Today, we also released footage shot with Mevo. Please read our post on Medium for all the latest Mevo news.

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Mevo (formerly Movi) is designed in Brooklyn by Livestream, the leader in live video.

Introducing Our New CEO

Mark, Phil, Max, Daya, and Jesse enjoying the view from Bushwick

Mark, Phil, Max, Daya, and Jesse enjoying the view from Bushwick

From Max 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jesse Hertzberg as Livestream’s new CEO. 

Over the past seven years we have built the world’s leading live video streaming company, developing industry changing hardware and software products that empower people and businesses to connect with their customers in a deeply personal way. Along the way, our team grew from four founders here in New York City to 160 Livestreamers on three continents. 

Our time is now. Worldwide consumers and global technology infrastructure have never been more ready for our vision of a world where every event can be experienced live, regardless of where the audience is located. It is the perfect time for Livestream to engage the next gear in pursuit of the realization of our vision. 

To enable this acceleration I recruited Jesse to succeed me as CEO with the full support of our co-founders and the Livestream board of directors. Most recently, Jesse ran operations at Squarespace and Etsy – two of the most admired technology companies here in New York City – where he was instrumental in helping them achieve scale. 

As for me, I’m excited to focus my energy on my new role as SVP & GM, Video Products. Going forward, I will be responsible for all of our video production offerings. I will also continue to serve as Chairman of the board.

Today we begin an exciting new chapter in Livestream’s story. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey so far and helped make Livestream possible, including our investors, co-founders, team members, partners, mentors, and, most importantly, customers. Please join me in welcoming Jesse to our team!

From Jesse

I was recently on vacation with my family and found myself utterly relaxed yet constantly thinking about Livestream. The team members, R&D pipeline, customer list, and market opportunity were invariably on my mind. It became self-evident on that trip that it was time for me to accept Max’s challenge.

I’ve lived through my fair share of startup transitions and am reminded of what Fred Wilson once wrote: “The best transitions are not forced by anyone. They are driven by the founders.” It’s a true testament to Livestream’s founding team that in order to achieve their dreams for the company, they recognize it is necessary to continuously focus people and teams on their strengths. Livestream was built thanks to the tireless efforts of our remarkable team members. Together, we will be able to move the company forward faster than ever before, with the comfort of knowing that each of us cares about every single detail that goes into building world-class products and industry-leading organizations.

Max and I have been planning this transition for a while now, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started. I thank everyone at Livestream for inviting me to join them on this journey.


New Products & Promotions announcement - Live from NAB 2015

The Livestream Booth at NAB 2015

The Livestream Booth at NAB 2015

As with each year, Livestream is at NAB with a host of new products and announcements that help make streaming your event live even easier. 

Check out Livestream Co-Founder and CEO Max Haot’s announcement from Livestream’s booth at NAB featuring new products, software updates, and more.

All-New Products:

Studio HD550, a portable all-in-one live production switcher, is a standout in design and functionality. It brings together the most essential multi-camera production features, including 5 HDMI/SDI inputs. 

With its custom bag, it’s easy to take one along with you in any overhead compartment wherever your production takes you.

Learn more about the HD550 at and pre-order yours today!


Livestream Studio Surface Go is a new portable control accessory for Livestream Studio. It offers you the most essential switching, graphics, and transition controls in a compact body. Priced to sell, it’s a great entry level switcher surface for those who need more control over their live production.

Learn more about the Surface Go at and pre-order yours today.

The world’s leading production switcher software just got even better. Studio 3.0 is available as a free upgrade for all Studio users (paid and free).

Learn more about all the new features of Studio 3.0 at

Studio HD51 Price Update

To make high quality live multi-camera production more affordable, we reduced the price of our best selling Studio hardware product - Studio HD51 - Now available for $6,999 MSRP (originally $7,999). Order yours today.

NAB Promotions

From April 13th to May 31st, 2015, we’ll be offering a special promotion for new and existing Studio customers.

More Recent Livestream Product Launches:

We've been very busy the past few months creating key new features and products that have been highly requested and anticipated by our 10,000+ customers. Here’s a brief recap if you missed some of the announcements:

Broadcaster Pro is now available for pre-order! The highly anticipated update to the original Livestream Broadcaster features 1080p HD and a 3+ hours internal rechargeable li-ion battery.

Broadcaster mini, launched last month, is now shipping to users around the globe.

Livestream Platform Updates - We also launched Geo-blocking and Livestream Analytics for Premium and Enterprise plan customers. Livestream is now also compatible with Chromecast, meaning you can watch all the amazing content on Livestream in full HD on your HDTV.

-The Livestream Team

Cast away with Livestream and Chromecast

You can now cast whatever you’re watching on Livestream on your Chrome browser, iOS or Android device via Chromecast direct to your TV.

All it requires is a Chromecast, a Chrome browser (with the Chromecast plugin installed) or the latest version of the free Livestream App for iOS or Android. Then, if your Chromecasts is connected to the same local network, just open whatever you’d like to watch on Livestream and select or tap the “cast” icon and it will appear on your Chromecast-connected screen.

You can find the "cast" icon on the top right corner of your iOS or Android screen.

In a Chrome browser, the icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner. 

Along with AirPlay for Apple TV and Roku, Chromecast is now another great way to enhance your viewing experience by watching stunning HD live streams on larger TVs.

-The Livestream Team

Geo-Blocking Now Available for Enterprise Accounts

We are excited to announce an all new feature for Enterprise accounts on Livestream called "Geo-Blocking." This new feature allows event owners to specify geographic regions that are able to watch their event.

Often, there are events on Livestream that event owners only want viewers from specific geographic regions to watch. Reasons to do this range from rights limitations to corporate privacy. Professional sports, for example, are often broadcasted both on television and on Livestream to increase viewership to a global audience. This is great for viewers but often the rights-holders want to require certain viewers in a geographic region to watch on the television instead of on Livestream. In this case, the event owner might choose to block the home country on Livestream but allow all other geographic regions to watch. The ability to geo-block their country allows them to control where their audience is watching the game, whether it be on television or on Livestream.

Features of Geo-Blocking include:

  • Block or Allow Viewing Locations
    • Filter by Country, State/Region or even City
    • Filter by Postal Code
  • White List IP Addresses
    • Ideal for ensuring that your office can watch or for corporate broadcasts where you might want to block everything except your office's internap IP addresses.

To enable this functionality for your account you'll need a Livestream Platform Enterprise PlanHere are a few screenshots of the controls you will see in your event settings once you upgrade your plan. 

If you need any help configuring your settings, feel free to visit the help centerWe hope you enjoy this new feature and please feel free to send any feedback you have about this feature to our team.


At last! Broadcast live from your GoPro Hero®

Today, we're proud to announce the latest update to the Livestream app for iOS. This update includes an exciting new feature that allows you to broadcast live using your GoPro Hero® as a camera source! For the first time ever, you can share your GoPro video live with millions of people worldwide. All you need is your GoPro camera and the Livestream app for iOS!

GoPro and GoPro Hero are trademarks of GoPro. GoPro is not a sponsor of, or affiliated with, Livestream.

Vertical Broadcasting for iPhone

Today, we are proud to announce an update to our app for iOS devices that includes an exciting new feature. Now you can broadcast from your device's camera in both portrait and landscape modes!

In previous versions of the Livestream app you were required to turn your device to "landscape" mode (horizontal) in order to broadcast. There are some benefits to using the camera horizontally but the primary reason we locked it was because "portrait mode" would have resulted in a vertical video, which most users don't like. 

Standard Camera Layouts

However, there are some fundamental problems with using the camera in landscape mode. First, if you're broadcasting a live event for any length of time that exceeds a few minutes it can be tiring to hold the device horizontally. It is also inconvenient to chat with your audience when the keyboard and messages are overlaid on top of the video. 

With the newest version of the Livestream app for iOS we've developed a way to let you hold the device vertically while continuing to stream perfect 16/9 video. This makes it both more comfortable to hold for long periods of time and easier to chat with your audience. 

If you prefer the landscape mode you can simply rotate the device to get horizontal full screen video, but as of today the new app will support both landscape and portrait broadcasting! This is a very exciting new feature of the app and the update is available for download in the App Store today! We are proud to have the best live video streaming app in the App Store and pride ourselves on continuing to add new features like filters, camera switching, and more! Feel free to try it for yourself and let us know what you think. 


Studio HD31 Product Launch Announcement

Last Wednesday Max Haot announced the newest member of the Livestream Studio family, Studio HD31

Studio HD31 is an entry-level live production switcher that includes all Studio features plus 3 HDMI / HD-SDI inputs, 3 GFX tracks, 2 media players, 2 remote cameras, up to 2 external screens and 40 hours of broadcast quality recording. All of this at an affordable price of $3,999 (MSRP). Watch the highlight video from the live demo below and check out the event to see the full presentation including a live demonstration of the Studio Surface and the Studio HD510.