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Author: Max Haot

Bushwick Bound

Max Haot Max Haot, May 23, 2014

Livestream Public at 195 Morgan Avenue in Bushwick. Photo by Rafael Fuchs 

Livestream, the leader in live video with more than 300,000 producers and 40 million monthly viewers across the globe, announced its move today to bring its headquarters to Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. The move marks a first for technology companies relocating to the outer boroughs, with Livestream poised to bring technology, arts, entertainment and manufacturing back to its roots in Bushwick. 

A message from Max Haot, Livestream's Co-Founder & CEO :

Dear Customers and Partners,

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Livestream is doing what millions of people from around the world and a little more than half of our staff have already done - we’re moving to Brooklyn or more precisely Bushwick - an exciting industrial and creative neighborhood within Brooklyn, New York.

Tuesday next week we will be leaving our Chelsea home in Manhattan where we grew from a team of ten people to more than 80 and opening a new headquarters in one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing neighborhoods in New York City or anywhere else. As we said in The New York Times today, we’re confident that all of the old factories surrounding our new space will one day be filled with amazing tech companies. But for now, it’s just us.


The 30,000 feet we’re building out in the building - plus 15,000 on the roof and more to come - give us a stable long term base of operations and will allow us to continue to accelerate our growth and keep enhancing our live streaming products and services to support our mission to democratize live video broadcasting for events. That focus won’t change. Our servers and infrastructure are staying at 111 8th Avenue in New York City - and around the world via our content-delivery network partners’ global infrastructure.


Industrial sights around Livestream Public. Photo by Rafael Fuchs 

Industrial sights around Livestream Public. Photo by Rafael Fuchs 

But this great old Bushwick building allows us to build on our existing Livestream services with a phenomenal new initiative that we’re calling Livestream Public. We’re going to use the event and education space on the first floor of our building to host classes on how to Livestream events - from learning single camera production and the basics of the Livestream service to multi-camera production using Livestream Studio. This will help our customers and partners enhance their skills but also to train and educate new entrants to the world of live streaming. Every classroom will of course be setup with cameras and Livestream Studio HD510 live production switchers so that we can share every class and events with people that cannot be here at Livestream Public. We also plan to host a yearly customer event which will be announced later this year.

Livestream Public Logo by Never of No Entry Design

Livestream Public Logo by Never of No Entry Design

Bushwick is home to an incredible creative and entrepreneurial community who use to teach and attend classes here at 3rd Ward (the previous tenant). Over time, we will experiment and invite back the Bushwick’s community of makers and artists with one major change from the classes that once happened here: all classes and events will be live streamed worldwide online.


We’re starting Livestream Public slowly and will have more to say over the summer and fall, but look forward to hosting an official event of Bushwick Open Studios  next week, right after our team moves in.


Fitzcarraldo Restaurant.

Livestream Public has partnered with Fitzcarraldo - an independent restaurant residing within Livestream Public.  Fitzcarraldo is open to the public in the evenings and on weekends and will offer, beginning next Tuesday, breakfast and lunches for the Livestream team and our partners/clients visiting us in Bushwick.


I am also excited to announce that Livestream is bringing manufacturing back to Bushwick, decades after the region’s manufacturing jobs largely moved abroad. We’re starting slowly here too, but, by June we’ll be assembling our Studio Surface  control panel in Bushwick and shipping them directly to you.

There’s a lot more to say, and we’ll be sharing new developments with you in the weeks and months ahead.

Until then, I couldn't be more appreciative of all of our staff and partners - and you - for helping us grow so quickly over the last seven years. On behalf of the global Livestream, we look forward to seeing you in - or from - Bushwick.

We will be updating Livestream Public's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages over the weekend and next week with photos of the space and of our move in the building on Tuesday.


Max Haot
Co-Founder and CEO


New Products, New Look and Promotions for NAB 2014

Max Haot Max Haot, April 07, 2014

Livestream's Booth at NAB 2014, SL3305

Today, the Livestream team is proud to unveil our biggest and boldest broadcasting tool upgrade in our 7 year history. We’ve also released a new look and experience to our website and iPhone app.

New Broadcasting Products:

Studio Control Surface

Tactile control surface hardware for any edition of Livestream Studio™ now available for purchase and shipping late April 2014. To learn about Studio Control Surface, watch this video.

Livestream for Glass

The first live broadcasting video app for Google Glass allows users to broadcast live from their Glass camera to Livestream’s Platform™ with a single tap. Additionally, Livestream’s Glass app enables users to view real-time chat messages from audiences online and respond via voice. The app can also be used as a remote camera with Livestream Studio™. For more information, visit

Studio HD510 

Ultra-portable all-in-one switcher with integrated touch-screen. For more information, visit

Studio HD1710

Supercharged rack-mount switcher with bundled control surface for the most demanding productions. For more information, visit

Livestream Studio - Free Version

To further Livestream’s mission to democratize live video,  every Livestream Platform producer can now download and use the Free version of Livestream Studio to upgrade their live event productions with multi-camera and graphics. For more information, visit

Studio Version 2 - Preview 

Studio 2 will be demonstrated at the Livestream booth #SL3305 at NAB. Version 2 will be available for download as a preview beginning Thursday, April 24th  and is scheduled for full release in May 2014. New features include:

  • Bonded Transmission to New Livestream - leverage multiple ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G modem connections directly from Studio to transmit reliably and at higher bitrates to the Livestream Platform
    • New Look and Feel - upgraded user interface to align with Livestream Studio™ Surface
    • Broadcast Graphics Module Upgrade
    • Additional graphics module (GFX3)
    • Unlimited layers within each graphics module
    • Save and load layer templates
    • Turnkey templates for lower thirds, sports scoring and Twitter
    • Dynamic data sources including Twitter, Google Docs, local and remote CSV files and more
    • Word wrap support
    • New “Push to Program” paradigm
  • Livestream Studio Surface Enhanced Support
  • Remote Camera Upgrades - enabling wireless multi-camera live event production
    • Livestream Broadcaster™ remote camera support
    • iPhone and iPad remote camera support
    • Android phone and tablet remote camera support
    • Google Glass remote camera support
    • Additional support for webcam and BlackMagic devices on the remote camera agent for Windows
    • A synchronization feature between all wireless and wired inputs will be made available in a later version
  • Support for Non Blackmagic Devices - now supports any webcam or video device recognized by Windows
  • Basic Replay 

NAB 2014 Promotion

To celebrate this new product line launch, we are also including a free yearly plan of Livestream Platform™ with every Studio purchase made by May 31st, 2014.  

  • Get 15% off the Studio HD500 and get a free Livestream Premium Platform yearly plan (April 7th-May 31, 2014)
  • Buy Studio Software and get a free Livestream Basic Platform yearly plan (April 7th-May 31, 2014)
  • Buy Studio HD51 and get a free Livestream Premium Platform yearly plan (April 7th-May 31, 2014)
  • Buy Studio HD510 and get a free Livestream Premium Platform yearly plan (April 7th-May 31, 2014)
  • Buy Studio HD1710 and get a free Livestream Enterprise Platform yearly plan (April 7th-May 31, 2014)

To redeem this offer contact your reseller or call Livestream directly at (877) 977-8732 or internationally at +1 (646) 490-1679.

Go Livestream!

The Livestream Team